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Here you will find the answers to questions on every activity in the Minnetonka Volleyball program.  We hope you find it helpful.  Additional questions may be directed towards the Varsity Head Coach Karl Katzenberger:

2020 High School Volleyball Season Restart!

Dear Volleyball Participants,

UPDATE: 9/22

Tryouts will be held on Monday 9/28 - Friday 10/2 from 3-7pm at MHS.  1st session of the day will run 3:00-4:45 and 2nd session of the day will run 5:15-7pm.  All players in all grades must attend all tryout sessions to be considered for a team.  If you have an extenuating circumstance, please contact ahead of time.  All players must be registered with the Activities Office in order to tryout.  Click here to register

The volleyball season will start September 28th, first competition will be Oct. 8th, and run 11 weeks.  Teams will be allowed 2 events per week, no large tournaments.  The Volleyball team will continue to have their training sessions this week.  Currently no spectators are allowed  indoors at swim meets, I can only speculate on what that will be right now for volleyball.  That said we do have live streaming set for the West Gym.  We are planning on having all our levels, likely our schedules will become conference matches, though that decision has not been made.   More details will be forthcoming. 

We are asking for all parents and athletes to commit to social distancing, sanitizing up, and masking anytime they are on campus indoors (minus strenuous exercise).  Watching our Fall sports we have worked long and hard to have five good weeks of activities with little disruption- it has been so enjoyable seeing our teams compete and students participating.  It will take all the coaches, families, students, and administrators for this to be a success.  Parents please discuss with your students the importance to taking these precautions.  They will allow us to meet the MDH and MSHSL guidelines in terms of managing the pandemic.

All athletes need to complete the registration process and pay $100 activity fee (you have already completed the other steps).  This must be completed by Sept. 28 to be able to practice.  

To pay the fee, please click on the following link:

Follow the instructions on the registration homepage.  Because you have previously registered for Volleyball Fall “Practice”, you have already paid the $75 Annual Participation Fee, as well as filled out all of the necessary paperwork to participate.  The only thing left to do to complete registration is pay the Volleyball Activity Fee $100.

Looking forward to the Volleyball Season!!!!  More information coming..


2020 Fall VB Safety Protocols

UPDATE:  9/12/2020

Players must refer to, complete and abide by the following steps in order to participate.

  • All players must be registered online with the Activities Office in order to participate.
  • Registration includes a COVID waiver.  Volleyball is a voluntary activity.
  • We will limit participants to PODS in an identical structure to this summer
  • The POD size goes by MDH guidelines.  Total players will determine number of PODS.
  • Entry protocol is temperature check, symptom free, hand sanitzation and masking.
  • Separate exits will be used to safely avoid contact of players entering and exiting
  • Players should leave immediately at the end.  No congregating is allowed before or after
  • Masks must be worn by all players.  Unless they are participating or recovering from drill
  • Distancing will be enforced by ground markings and spaced chairs around the courts
  • Players should come dressed ready to play.  Bags are not allowed.  Bring water to gym.
  • Use of public areas like the restroom is discouraged.  There is no source of water at MHS
  • This information will be sent to all participants and posted at

Our first concern is the safety of players, staff and families. A reminder that volleyball this fall is 100% voluntary. If you are at all uncomfortable with these protocols, then exercising your right to keep your daughter at home in the name of safety will be viewed as you are doing what is right for your daughter and family. This will not be viewed as negative by the volleyball program.

Failure to adhere to these policies will jeopardize the group as a whole and will not be tolerated. Infractions can and will lead to suspension of the privilege to play volleyball this fall at Minnetonka High School. If you have any further questions – please email

Thank you!

Fall Volleyball FAQ

Hi Volleyball Families.

What an unusual fall for volleyball.  With uncertainty - there is a thirst for information - and please check back here frequently for all the latest info regarding High School/Club rules and how they will be different from any other year.

UPDATE 9/9/2020

Fall Volleyball practices for Minnetonka High School students in the high school program will take place on Monday through Thursday the weeks of 9/14, 9/21 and 9/28 from 3-7pm (All 11th and 12th graders from 3-5pm and 9th and 10th graders at 3-5pm to keep our "Pod" structure intact.  The hours of 5-7pm will be used for overflow and students who cannot make the 3pm time in all grades.  Pods may have a different start time on different days due to coach availability.  Total participants will likely cause us to alter our times to ensure everyone can participate, yet still be compliant with current protocols and rules.  You must register with the activities office in order to participate - there will be a $75 activities fee to participate. (In order to participate in spring volleyball, you would have to pay that fee anyways.  Thus - these practices are essentially "no cost".) Please let me know if you have any questions.

UPDATE 8/11/2020

1) Players in all grades will not risk their High School eligibility (abbreviated as HSE) by participating in a fall club program.  

2) Players should start having an internal discussion with themselves as to how to proceed in the "normal" November - June club volleyball season.  There are two scenarios:

A) The MSHSL does not relax their rule stating that athletes may not be on a club team and a HS team at the same time.  Being on a team is defined as attending any practice, meeting, travel, competition or organized volleyball activity.  Basically they need to pick between finishing the club season - or cease all club volleyball activities during the spring HS season to retain their HSE.

B) The MSHSL does relax their rules about being on a club team and a HS team simultaneously.  This is less restrictive, but still daunting as daily HS practices and matches will directly compete for the athlete's time and efforts with their club team.

In either case  - you should have very specific conversations with the club program you choose this October.  Ask questions like "Do you allow players to play in the HS season?" and "If there is a direct conflict between club and HS - how should I proceed?"

If you need guidance through this process, all of the coaches at Minnetonka High School  are available to you as a resource if you have questions in your decision making progress.

3) There will be 12 after-school hour practices over the course of the fall that will be open to MHS volleyball players that are interested in participating.  These will take place at Minnetonka HS and days/times are TBD.

As soon as more info becomes available - we will post it here with newest dated updates at the top of this announcement.  As always, if you have questions -

Private Lessons are now available

Please use the sign up sheet by clicking here:

After you sign up - email and you wil receive a return email confirming the session or asking for a reschedule.  You can pick which coach you would like to work with and what time and day.

Volleyball News

High School Volleyball Moved to the Spring

By Admin 08/08/2020, 8:45am CDT

As you have all heard, the MSHSL voted to move the high school volleyball season to the spring for 2020 based on the current situation with the COVID pandemic.  Based on this, the upcoming fall events, captains practice and tryouts, have been cancelled.  We will post more information as we get details. 

More info:


4th place at the State Volleyball Tournament - congratulations on a great season!

minnetonkagvb Minnetonka Girls Volleyball minnetonkagvb

Live Stream Information

Minnetonka Volleyball Livestream

By Admin 07/24/2018, 4:00pm CDT

Click on the Live Stream tab above for information on our livestream.